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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-01-14 20:00:52
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Maybe a lot of people saw the same things David Glass observed that day out there in Harrison, but Iwas feeling pretty good. After we got those first three stores up and running, I knew it would work.

I believe our way of looking at things is going to come into its own in this decade, and the next century.

"And we'd say, 'We're with Walton's.'

Of course, my number-one retail partner from our third store on has been my brother, James L. "Bud"Walton, who has a few things of his own to say about me in this booknot all of them flattering. Bud'swise counsel and guidance kept us from many a mistake. My nature has always been to charge, to saylet's do it now. Often, Bud would advise taking a different direction, or maybe changing the timing. I soonlearned to listen to him because he has exceptional judgment and a great deal of common sense.


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